2022 3rd International Symposium on Computer Engineering and Intelligent Communications

Welcome Dr.M.Vijayalakshmi, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India to be the Keynote Speaker!


Dr. M.Vijayalakshmi, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India



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Journal Reviewer

  • IET –      Information Security.

  • Wiley – Security      and Communication Networks.

  • Elsevier –      Journal of Information Security and its Applications.

  • Wiley – ETRI      Journal

  • IETE Journal of      Research

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  • Taylor &      Francis - Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective

  • IEEE      Transactions on Network and Service Management

Program Committee Member    

  1. ACM MobiHoc 2017 -      IoTSII 2017,IIT Madras.

  2. Springer International      Conference On Security With Intelligent Computing And Big-Data Services      (SICBS’17), National Dong Hwa University, TAIWAN

  3. International Conference on Data Security (INCODS – 2017),      Kalasalingam University, 2017.

  4. 2018 IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing, Kaohsiung,      Taiwan, December 10—13, 2018.

Awards / Recognition Received

  1. Distinguished Paper Award, IIT Guwahati

  2. Best Paper Award at Springer International Conference on Artificial Intelligence      and Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Systems, 2014.

  3. WSAD - Application Developer, IBM, 2005

  4. IBM Faculty Ambassador, 2005.